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Hello there! Wesley and Mariah Jennings here, we are the proud owners of Let's Go Pawty and we are excited to serve the Watertown community with excellent in-home pet care. 

Currently we live in Watertown, SD where Wesley serves as a board member on the Codington County Search and Rescue team and works for the Codington County Sheriff's Office. Mariah is a high school Spanish teacher while also serving on the board for B-Squad Dog Rescue.

You might see us out and about with our two Golden Retrievers, Calliope and Mabel and at any given moment we may have 2-3 foster dogs in our pack as well. To say the least, we love having wet noses around and we thank you for choosing us to take care of your furry (or not so furry) pets.  

Wesley and Mariah are also insured as well at Pet First Aid and CPR Certified! 


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What we do

Let's Go Pawty offers several convenient services.

Golden Retriever

Dog Walking 

Green Parrot

In-home pet care visits


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We meet with all of our future clients at their home before officially starting our services so that we may provide the best care possible to your pet.



Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there breed restrictions?

No, we welcome all breeds, sizes, and fur types -- you name it. If you have an exotic pet that requires special care, we will work with you during our client meeting to meet the care needs of your pet. 

Are there any extra requirements for in-home pet care?

Yes, and they are in place because we believe in providing the safest pet care possible while you're away!

1. We require a minimum of two visits per day for dogs in our care longer than 12 hours. We prefer 3 or more visits per day to provide the best and safest care possible in most situations.

2. We require a minimum of 1 visit every other day for cats in our care. 

3. Any pet in our care must have access to adequate and temperature appropriate shelter at all times.


4. If your pet has access to a doggy door a non-liability waiver must be signed before services can start. 

5. If you do not have a fenced in yard and your dog is not tethered or leashed a non-liability waiver must be signed before services can start. 

Do my pets need to be vaccinated?

We require a vaccination record for any pet that we would be walking in public. It is also recommended that pets  be up to date on vaccinations when pet sitters are in your home as well as when you take your pet to boarding kennels. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns! 

How do we schedule visits or services?

The first step is contacting us to set up a new client meeting. Our initial meeting is free. At that time we discuss our service agreement, your pet(s) needs, and house access. We will also create an account for you on our exclusive scheduling app that can be accessed by computer or phone. On that app you can schedule services, send us messages, see updates on your pet(s) while you're away and much, much more! 

Will you take a new client on short notice?

Unfortunately, we do not take clients on short notice but will make every effort to accommodate your need. We require a new client meeting at least 3 days in advance so we can provide the best care to your pet(s). If you have a shy or nervous pet we ask that you give us at least 10 -12 day notice so we may start to build a relationship with that pet before your first scheduled service out of town. This is both to ease your pet(s) anxiety as well as to keep our employees safe. 

what are your hours? 

Monday - Sunday 6:15am - 9:45pm


We do have after hour visits available at a cost of $25 per 30 minute visit. 

We also work most holidays at an extra charge. Follow our Facebook page for updates on Holiday availability!

Do you only provide services in Watertown?

At this time we provide services in the city limits of Watertown including lake addresses. Service areas are subject to change depending on the season. We do not want to be stuck in town due to poor weather conditions and not able to reach pets in neighboring towns!  

What if my pet is shy or requires medication?

We adore all pets, especially the shy or nervous pets. They are the ones to benefit most from in-home pet care. During our new client meeting we will discuss ways that we can build trust with your shy or nervous pet before we visit your home alone. This may require a few extra scheduled walks or play dates so that when the time comes you can rest assured your pet will be ready to have us in your home. We are also experienced in administering medications to pets and have no extra fees for doing so. We only ask that you provide us with specific instructions and that you ensure all medications are readily available at the time of your scheduled service. 

Will you take our trash out?

Yes! We absolutely can take your trash bins on garbage day. Not only that but when you schedule a Standard Visit with us we will also bring your mail in, water your plants, and do a home-check to make sure all is well. Not to mention we will snap and send a photo of your pet(s) to show you how they are doing! 

*These services are only provided with a Standard Visit. 

Do you charge per pet?

Nope! We charge per visit. We do however only walk two dogs at one time. So if you'd like to schedule a walk for three or more dogs that will require an Extra Visit of 15 minutes according to the number of dogs you'd like walked, otherwise, the more the merrier tends to be our motto :) 

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured as well as Pet First Aid and CPR certified. We have recently become members of Pet Sitters International that keep us up to date on the latest trainings to keep our furry clients safe! 

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